Our mission: make it easy
for everyone to choose a plant-based lifestyle

  • Shall we talk about the scary stuff first?

    The food industry is responsible for more than a third of
    global greenhouse gas emissions. If we don't make drastic changes, right now,
    then our hopes of hitting the UN's Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 are
    just a bunch of hot air. That's the last thing we need right now.

  • Ready for the exciting stuff?

    Animal-based foods produce double the emissions of plants.
    That means there's a simple way to slash the industry's environmental output
    – eat (and drink) things made from plants, not animals.


    Easier said than done, on a global scale. But we're ambitious. We know that by creating plant-based m*lk products that are least as
    delicious as dairy – and which can do everything dairy does, from microfoams to béchamel – we can make it easy for everyone to choose plant-based. Because what we choose to eat and drink is the biggest individual
    change we can make to our own environmental impact.


    But it is not just about individuals. The industry needs to change, fundamentally.  So we're
    committed to plant-based products that are economically and socially sustainable, made from sustainable resources. That's way we craft Sproud from the super-powered yellow split pea. And it's why Sproud plant m*lks have the lowest carbon footprint of any dairy alternative - even lower than oats, almonds and soy.



How do we know that? Because we work with an independent auditor, CarbonCloud, to analyse our greenhouse gas emissions -
calculated by kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent for every kilogram of product (CO2e/kg) – at every stage of Sproud's lifecycle, from the fields to your fridge.


A lot of innovation goes into that industry-leading number. It starts with the yellow split pea, which takes less water, land and chemicals to grow than oats, almonds and soya. We grow and process them in
Europe, to reduce shipping, and because Sproud stays good for a year without refrigeration, it requires less energy to transport and store. We've also introduced new Tetra Pak cartons, made from 88% plant-based material and which are completely recyclable, even the lids.


But this is just the start. By tracking everything from the fuel that powers our tractors, to the paper in our packaging, we can share results, not promises. And we can figure out where we need to improve to cut our emissions even more.


Unlike most companies, we update the figures for all our products every three months, and publish them here on our website and on the packaging of every Sproud product. We do it because we want to be honest,
with you and with ourselves. That way, we stay focused on making Sproud a little bit more sustainable, every single day. And it means you can know precisely how your food and drink choices are helping the planet, right now. 

ISO 26000


Not to boast, but in 2023 we became the first food company on earth to be verified to ISO 26000 standards. (OK, so we're going to boast a bit. It's a big deal.) 


ISO 26000 is an international standard that commits companies to sustainable, socially responsible ways of doing business. It's a promise to work in a way that benefits the planet and society, not just the bottom line. 


Of course, that's something we've cared about since before Sproud was founded. So we had our entire business analysed by Verify Agency of Sweden AB, a third-party auditor that is accredited by Swedac, the government's national accreditation body, for ISO / IEC 17029: 2019. 


Verify Agency dug deep into everything we do: procurement, sourcing, marketing, sales, R&D, customer services and finance. And they found that we do indeed practise what we preach.


What does that mean? For one, it's confirmation that the way we do business is sustainable, socially and environmentally. It also means that we adhere to the EU's Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), an incoming directive that will hold companies to the same standards for sustainability reporting as they are for financial reporting. It's all part of the EU's efforts to become the first carbon neutral economy by 2050. 


So like we say, it's a big deal. And one we're pretty proud of.

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    No dairy, no nuts, no gluten, no soy, no problem


    Sproud is a source of high quality protein


    Creamy texture and silky microfoam make Sproud perfect with coffee


    Naturally light on the sweet stuff, as certified by Sugarwise


    Less CO2 than dairy, oat, almond and soy

  • 100% VEGAN

    Crafted from natural pea proteins, healthy oils and fresh water