To all our friends that love their coffees and shakes powered by peas, we have teamed up with Joe & The Juice to give you something special - 15% off unlimited coffees plus 3 other items per day. You will also get additional surprises and treats in the app throughout the year.

1. Download the Joe & The Juice app

2. Go to Profile and change market to select your market

3. Go to claim promo code and enter code SPROUDXX (XX= the code for your country, see the list below)

4. Press Go to membership, select Sproud and press Join Membership

5. Do it before May 20th, 2024. Like all exclusive offers, it is a limited time offer to join.

6. Enjoy your discount in the Joe & The Juice app 365 days per year - you’re welcome!


Sweden SPROUD16

United Kingdom SPROUD17

Los Angeles SPROUD19

New York SPROUD20

Switzerland SPROUD21

Netherlands SPROUD22