The Story

Sproud was born in 2018 by a group of entrepreneurs based in Malmö in the south of Sweden; a progressive city where many food, health and lifestyle trends get started. Our founders have a shared passion for the split pea, discovered after decades of working in innovative, environmentally friendly food and drink sectors. Since 2018 you can find Sproud in both grocery stores, cafés and restaurants in Sweden and the Nordics

Sproud is sold in the US, UK and 26 other countries worldwide. We are headquartered in Malmö and has officees in London an LA as well.. Sproud wants to be involved in and create change today. Not tomorrow. Sproud is guided by strong values for and work towards a clear vision – to make more people discover The Alt Side.

Sproud's investors include London-based VGC Partners, specializing in innovative growth companies, Sweden-based investor company Dream Beverage Group, and Findeln Holding, a Malmö-based family-owned investment company in which Sproud's co-founder Nicklas Jungberg is the majority owner.

The Pea


Split peas are rich in proteins and contain a wide range of essential amino acids. On top of this pea protein steams brilliantly making Sproud drinks creamy as ***k.

The pea plant has the amazing ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen in the soil through their symbiotic relationship with soil-borne bacteria. The nitrogen-fixing properties, not only reduce nitrogen in the atmosphere, but also improve soil fertility and the aggregation and the conservation of water. Split peas also require less water, land, and energy than other similar crops. By including peas in a crop rotation cycle the yields and energy efficiency increases up to 25% for years to come.

The split pea is rich in proteins and nutrients, reduces atmospheric nitrogen, and requires less non-renewable energy. Split peas also improve soil fertility and increases the productivity of the farmland, promotes farm and soil biodiversity, and helps keeping harmful pests and diseases at bay, without the need of pesticides.

What more can you ask of a SUPER-HERO?



It all started with us discovering the power of the yellow split pea.

Our hero ingredient is sustainable and incredibly good for you, with a range of planetary and health benefits, that leave other alt milks in the dust.

It’s also tasty as ***k!

We offer you natural products of the highest quality. Our innovation team has worked hard to create products that are tasty as ***K, with only the best and regionally sourced plant-based ingredients. Our products are high in protein, and we also use plant-based oils, with a high ratio of healthy unsaturated fatty acids, such as omega 3 and 6.

Sproud offers you products containing zero or low amounts of sugars. We are proud to be certified by SUGARWISE, to assure our consumers that our products help to reduce their daily sugar intake.

Our products are fortified with vitamins, and calcium, to ensure all our customers are getting the necessary nutrients for a well-rounded diet. The vitamins and minerals are extracted from vegan resources, for the sake of the consumer, and the planet.


Vegan and health products are for everyone, independent of dietary needs, health issues or illnesses. We are also allergen free!

Without sacrificing the amazing taste, Sproud is THE sustainable alternative for the whole family.



the process

1. Seeds of change

Our yellow split peas are grown and harvested in the latter stages of summer by our farmers in France. Once the peas have grown to full maturity they're ready to be harvested.

2. Ready to roll

Our fantastic pea protein is isolated in facilities nearby the fields in which the peas has grown. In that way we minimise our road and climate footprint. First the peas are dried, and their outer skins removed. The pea protein is isolated with a patented extraction technique that provides us with pea protein of highest quality, great taste and outstanding characteristics.

3. Good on the inside

The dry pea protein isolate powder is transported to Tingsryd in south of Sweden. Here are the pea protein isolate mixed with all of the other ingredients and filled with an aseptic packaging technique to provide products with a long lasting shelf life. Ready to power change for good.

4. The final leg

The production facility in Tingsryd are providing Europe with nutritious and delicious Sproud products. Our products are distributed, stored, and sold in room temperature, all to decrease Sproud's energy consumption and climate impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our yellow split peas require much less land and water than dairy, soy, nuts and oats, especially in relation to the amount of macronutrients they provide, in particular protein. In numbers, our peas need 10% less water than cereals (like oats and wheat) and 6x less water than cows. And you won’t find us in the fridge at your local store, reducing our carbon footprint by a further 30%.

Sproud is tastier, healthier and more sustainable than other alt milks. But don't take our word for it, try it for yourself.

We're in the midst of a climate emergency. Sproud's stripes are the warning sign that it’s time to make a change for good and switch to plant-based alternatives. Plus they look cool AF.

We grow our peas in France for our European market, and Canada for our North American market. The peas are cultivated and harvested close to the production sites, where the pea protein is isolated from the rest of the pea. (The rest of the pea is used to produce other food products, nothing goes to waste). By harvesting close to where they’re grown, we can ensure the protein maintains its potency and quality, while reducing unnecessary transportation emissions. Full disclosure: this isn't perfect yet, in the future we'd love to provide locally produced Sproud products with regionally sourced peas across all our markets, and we’re working on it.

No. Sproud looks and tastes just like dairy milk. Rather than green garden peas, Sproud is made from the yellow split pea. Thanks to its high protein content (20 - 25%), its neutral taste, its smooth and milky texture, and its ability to blend, froth and foam, our pea power makes Sproud The alternative.

Definitely. Sproud is for everyone. As it's lactose, nut, soy and gluten free, it's the alt milk for all the family, and ideal for those with allergies.

Yes. Our drinks are packaged in environmentally friendly Tetra Paks, which are made with mainly renewable materials that can be recycled. You'll need to refer to your local guidelines to learn more about how.

Unopened packs of Sproud can be kept in the cupboard for up to 365 days. Once opened, refrigerate and consume within 7 days.